Forget Progression, there are more glaring issues

I see everyone talking about the battle pass and yeah it sucks completely but what about all the other more glaring issues.

  1. Aiming on a controller feels absolutely abysmal. Catering to the PC crowd ruins another game. They whined so much in MCC about aim assist we now have one of the worst feeling experiences on controller of any halo Ive experienced. PC players on mouse perfect killing with the sidekick from across the map but yet the sniper misses when right on target from the hip? what?
  2. Absolutely no way to queue up for just CTF? Objective? Slayer? etc? No 2v2, multi team, swat action sack? The matchmaking hopper is a joke. You get slayer people playing CTF like slayer instead of the actual objective.
  3. No input based matchmaking for social modes? No way to turn off crossplay if we choose? So they recognize that they need to allow you to separate this for sweaty ranked matches but for social we just have to go against people that can out gun you with the sidekick from across the map on their KBM? Yeah freaking fun. Doesn’t help that nearly all the power weapons are weaker than the starting weapons, and most all weapons in the game seem to be semi auto precision guns that again cater to the PC inputs.

All in all the game is fine borderline bad. But ill definitely be heading my happy butt back to MCC if this is what we are going to get as an experience on console.


No, I will not forget about the progression system, not even for a second. But I 100% agree that these issues require swift attention.


Thats fair but I feel like the gameplay issues should be the first thing they fix


I can’t get over how weird the aiming is but I think we have to get used to it as well


I’ve played 10 hours now. Not sure how much more time is required to get used to it but it just feels bad honestly. It feels really really bad on controller.


We can’t do that at all. And we don’t even have the red reticle when aiming enemies.

This post seems to be mainly about M&kb paranoia. I’ve placed Diamond in both the Keyboard and Crossplay playlists and there doesn’t seem to be much discrepancy. I’m pretty sure I’m getting obliterated by modded controller sidekicks infact. But we’re both making assumptions and have excuses lined up for why we’re getting owned by it and we can’t reciprocate.

Have you reduce the deadzone settings? they’re extremely high by default; like 12 or so yeah? it’s a lot.

In regards to the hoppers/playlists, it seems their intent is to funnel players into these few playlists to gather data for full release. I expect we’ll see SWAT, social slayer/arena, and ranked slayer/arena with variations of those modes to pop up on release; if not leading to it. There’s an achievement available for reviving players in Elimination.


Point two is huge problem for me. I don’t like playing objective, especially ctf and I would quit every lobby that is not slayer.

Thank you for the heads up, I’ve been on the fence about installing this, you made me choose a side, I’ll wait to see if that changes. No guaranteed slayer = no play.

Also, that goes for the likes of CoD too, it’s tdm or nothing.


[quote="BlitzGear02, post:2, topic:15496, full:true"]
No, I will not forget about the progression system, not even for a second. But I 100% agree that these issues require swift attention.

Exactly. Gameplay is important but if people dont feel their time is rewarded theyll drop the game. And that would impact everyone not just the devs


Thats what im thinking. If you click the menu that shows the gamemodes and maps in the playlist a placeholder image appears that shows a spartan with emiles helm decked out in green with a green energy sword. Thats definitely infection, which we cant play yet

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I think the aim on controller is very bad. I really hope they fix it.


To think the amor is to strong or all the power weapons beside the sniper is just to Weak and lack the strength to do the job. Im resorting to using a Ar the hole game as the only consistent weapon to kill someone and the melee tracking is garbage it works when it wants to most of the time it just two people running at each other and missing every punch .

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I agree for the most part, but aiming feels alright to me. I like the lowered auto-aim because it rewards actual precision aiming, but it’s not quite as severe as Halo 5’s so it’s not

I agree they should focus on other issues first, but since progression is SO hated by the community right now I expect we’ll see that get changed faster.

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Aim assist feels fine, its important to remember games like halo4 had vastly too much aim assist. this however feels like a happy medium, some times you hit everyshot some times you dont. its just a higher skill ceiling, same with fast base movement and low momentum allowing fast strafes

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It definitely doesn’t feel like a happy medium. The game needs to feel stickier than it does currently. Its just not fun at all on controller. Halo has always had sticky aim. Halo 4 wasnt that much more than games that came before it. Reducing aim assist to appease the pc crowd imo.

but thats the biggest issue. No input based matchmaking for quick play and BTB. Forced to play against mouse users is dumb. They recognize having the options for ranked but Casual not?

most of the power weapons feel really bad to use.

You can tell when its someone on a mouse. either way I shouldnt be forced to play with PC users if I dont want to and definitely shouldnt be denied the input based matchmaking options that Ranked has. It makes more sense to have it in casual.

You are right (all the points you made), aiming on controller feels not good. I kind of get used to it, but the aiming is very inconsistent, here an evidence: www.youtubeDOTcom/watch?v=sSMKdFUqg84 (replace DOT with a .)

Gameplay should be the first priority, i hope 343i fix that problem ASAP.

I hope they implement the choices for specific modes and input devices also ASAP.