Forger's Wanted 😃

Hello there! :wave::smiley:

Glad to see your interest in Forge Company :smiley:

We at Forge Company are not able to sleep at night, knowing the community is experiencing a lack of HALO enjoyment; or what our top engineers, forgers, and testers would like to say “Salty Maps & Gametypes” :raised_hand::smiley:

(1) We at Forge Company take a vow to create the best possible experience for the community! :point_left::smiley:

(2) Forge Company will be releasing packs of maps, working on the quarter system; while ALSO releasing singles throughout the weeks :bar_chart::smiley::chart_with_upwards_trend:

Positions currently open:
-Competitive Tester’s
-Casual Tester’s
-Concept Designer’s
-Mechanical & Electrical Engineer’s

Apply for a position today! :smiley::+1:

Forge Company: Here for the community :smiley: