Forgers! Taking maps for Rally/Rocket Race

With the lack of gametypes like Rally it requires you to improvise with what is given to you. Using King of the Hill I managed to make a “nerfed” version of Rally(rocket race in other words). Gametype is still in Beta(loadouts, player speed, etc).

Now I am asking for your help. I’m not a talented forger. I need maps for this. If you are interested:

-Focus a lot on obstacles and aesthetics
-Do not include any vehicles or hills at this time
-Post your gamertag and map name here OR message me over xbox live @ L RyanW L OR you can tag it with “H4 Rally” for when the file browser comes up

Reason as to why no vehicles? We can spawn in vehicles in H4 like in Reach and IDK if I want to use mongooses or Warthogs.

Why no hills? Again it’s due to the gametype. In Rally as soon as you entered the hill you got the point. In the KotH variant you have to wait 1 second(feels longer) to get the point. I want to see how big(but small at the same time) to make it so you won’t have to slow down.

I’ve got a map that might work for you. I can clean up a rally version for you later. How about the spawn points?

Unless you have specific points on the map you would want people to spawn at hold off on the spawns.

OK, I just finished. Check my file share for Warthog Mountain. There should be a stripped down version that says H4 Rally.

I moved a pair of initial respawn and respawn points to the center of the map and deleted up the rest.

I liked the map.

Still considering if I want to have two variants of it. One with rally and one with Rocket Race.

u can chceck my map big race ctf,i didnt finished it yet,its without objectives but u can race on it;]