I bought Halo CEA, and the game is great, i love the campaign, it’s very nostalgic, the firefight map is excellent, i like playing as elite and fighting the ODSTs, and the easter eggs are fun to find, like the secret area in prisoner. However, i was pretty disappointed with the forging side of the maps, the H3 style pallets are cool, but i was expecting a foundry-style map, where you could wipe the entire map and rebuild it yourself with alot more forge items… I really wish you could delete more stuff on the maps, like the bridges. i had faith in 343 to take in account what forgers would expect… Halo 3 brought us forge, odst brought us foundry and firefight, Reach brought us an entire blank forgeworld and more pieces than you could want, CEA had brought us a dead tree…
Perhaps you could develop us a forgers map pack? Like 1 or 2 more blank maps dedicated to forging ?

Yeah I was hoping High Noon would be good for Forge but only 1-2 of the walkways are deletable and the majority of the Tombstones are un-forgable too.

I have no idea why they didn’t make Hang 'Em High fully forgeable. That map could’ve been the next Foundry.