Forgers | Big Alpha/Beta Map Testers MCC

Looking for people to design/build/contribute to the construction of various MCC custom game maps, and game types. Please inquire with the following info either in a comment below or to my GT: Ginger Jezeus

  • GT

  • Mic

  • Time zone & Schedule

  • What are you best at forging?

  • Damon Knlght
  • Mic [YES]
  • GMT+1 (FRANCE)
  • Forging: Gametypes & remakes
  • Tom Wade93- Mic [YES]- GMT (London, GB)- Forging: Tube Maps, Sumo Maps, Maps with scripted features
  • TheTacticalJoe
  • Yes
  • GMT (late evenings)
  • What are you best at forging? Racetracks, puzzle maps, Scripting
  • GT LoneWolf19987
  • Mic YES(my voice sounds kinda wierd because its a old mic)
  • Time zone & Schedule US and mostly from 3 to 6 and rarly 8
  • What are you best at forging?
    parkour,combat,towns,and loves gamemodes