Forged maps into matchmaking

Hello Begformymercy here and I was wondering where could I submit my maps for the chance for being placed into matchmaking? I refused to deal with as they failed to even look at my map in the forgetacular contest… I understand that 343 now controls halo reach so any info would be great!

I have 2 maps posted currently on mlgpro and forgehub. I am very serious about forge and want people to at least view the maps. Gameplay was in consideration when I created these maps.

I have 2 mlg maps I created recently:

Here is my Invasion map I submitted into the forgetacular contest, which is undoubtedly the best invasion map ever made. Also wanted to point out how much of a fail bungie was when they picked saucered over this!

The invasion map Traverse

I have some quality maps there for viewing pleasures but I was hoping that 343 will be able to offer some community assistance since they are more professional then bungie.

Thanks for reading,