Forged maps in matchmaking concern

343 is adding forged maps to the match making.

My big concern is that they go the direction of Reach where huge number of the release maps were just forge created. This is bad because its not only extremely lazy but the maps are of significantly lesser quality than those developed by other tools.

I share a similar concern with map variants.

I have no problem with either map variants or forged maps, HOWEVER they must serve only to compliment a large pool of diverse fully fleshed out maps (10+) not replace them.

I pretty much agree that forge maps should be a small percentile of the playlist maps, but still exist. Maybe there could be separate community hoppers with a lot of forge made maps if that’s what someone digs. I’d be cool with that.

I don’t mind lots of forge maps in Matchmaking, but yes, the quality is significantly lower than an official map. Honestly the best thing we could have would be an actual map maker, something like how Farcry has.

I agree completely. I get the feeling this is just their way of showing off the forge aesthetics without actually giving us forge, though.

I’d rather have a map that plays really well over a map like Regret that looks gorgeous and has a cool story, but plays like complete trash

I hope they consider remaking Sandrap, damn that was a good map!