I’m trying to start off a blank map for reach to make a map is there anyway to delete everything off the map at once or something

Are you trying to do it on a map like Spire or Boneyard? If that’s the case I don’t think there is an option to simply wipe everything off, but you can select certain objects and then hit “Object tools” I believe , and you should get the option to delete all of the same items on that map. You could continue doing this for each item until you have reach the full bugdet again.

However, if you’re trying to create a map in the Forge World, make sure you selected the actual “Forge World” with the description something along the lines of “A blank canvas recommended for forging only.” Do not select one of the other variants under Forge World because, like it says, they are variants and have pre-existing objects already on the canvas.

Hope that helped.

The Bouk.