A few days ago in Halo 5 Forge. My game decided to mess things up in Forge. Doesn’t want to rotate objects normally on a flat plane when I have the different angles on or no angles. Here’s a link to my profile check in the content browser for the game clip of it happening: XC986:

Not sure what to do, this issue is still going on. Anyone have or had this problem with Forge?

Update, I uninstalled and reinstalled Halo 5 and it still has the issue with rotating the object not at a flat rotation after reset the object. Tired with world and object orientation and tried mostly everything and nothing works. Please help!

Another update with my issue in Forge. I signed in as my brother’s and friend’s profile on my xbox to see if they have issue with my Halo 5 forge. Turns out they don’t have an issue with the forge objects rotating. Seems like it might just be my issur with the digital game. However I do have the PC version of Halo 5 forge and their is no issue there. Which is good I guess. I would like to forge on my xbox though. Might try out to sign in my profile on to my brothers xbox to see the differences.

Update with my issue with Forge in Halo 5. I signed in on a different Xbox and does the same thing, but no one else who has a profile that I share doesn’t have this issue. Also my PC Halo 5 Forge is also doing the same issue just recently last night when I was working on a map. NO! So far what I’m getting its my profile with Halo 5 is the issue…?

Update with my issue with forge. My Halo 5 Forge on PC is now permanently doing the same issue. I can’t proficiently make maps with my profile. Would still like to know how to get this fixed.