Check out Halo 5 ‘Pegasus’ and ‘Orion’ Maps Revealed

Forge looks nice so far! I like how there are different areas for callouts(Red Bend, security, etc.) The forge pallet looks decent, I’m hoping we get more textures for objects such as UNSC, Forerunner, Covenant, Desert, Snow, etc.

What maps looks better to you so far? Pegasus or Orion?

I prefer the look of Orion, but both looks good.
Im just hoping we get more forge options this time in terms of themes, gray/white blocks look ugly after a while

Pegasus is looking great so far, and that’s the one that will be getting my vote, but they both look cool. I have always been a huge fan of Forge maps for some reason, so I’m liking the style of these maps. Needs more color though

I like the lighting on Orion, finally blue team won’t be invisible