forge your own firefight maps good or bad idea?

I think its a fun idea but what do you think?

It would definitely be fun and interesting to see what people could do with it if 343 can implement it correctly.

My thoughts, “Why wasn’t it in the forge in the first place?”

There were a lot of threads like this back on the Bnet forums back before Reach came out, cause everyone wanted this in Reach too. Personally, I think it would be awesome, but gameplay mechanics wise I just dont see how it could be done. It would be overly complicated with the controller (maybe possible with m/kb) and really really tedious and timely as you have to take all the “little” things into account with forgable firefight maps, AI, and all that jazz. Bottom line, I think it would be awesome to see, but I dont think it would happen.

It would be brilliant. While it would be incredibly difficult to implement, it is technically possible. I’d love to see it happen.