Forge, Yay or Nay

Forge was released and many of us were so excited for, but when we tried it, it wasn’t up to some expectations. I want to know what the community thinks on the new forge and what they would like to be in it or brought back from another Halo. I personally was dissapointed with some of the options and new controls.

Forge in Halo 5 is actually more advanced than previous installments. People don’t want a learning curve but whenever you think about it, with the more controls offered to players, the more the controls become complex, though in thought not always. Sure 343 could have done better but I think that they have done a good job and with updates to come, I can see things getting better.

Minus a few bugs, I think the new forge is great. It’s easily the best part of Halo 5 in my opinion.

It’s ironic that I am enjoying building a map in Halo 5, but I have zero desire to actually play it when I’m done,

This forge is amazing. Took me several hours to learn the controls by building a grifballcourt but once you get the hang of it you can build fast and easy. The options are insane. Even remakes that have the same atmosphere as the original are very well made. I’ve seen some pretty awesome maps and really want to finish my arena map and get some tips and advice from the community. I have some bookmarks if you want to check out maps.

I haven’t been disappointed so much as overwhelmed. There are a ton more options for everything, and the controls are pretty different to accommodate a lot of that, so it’s going to take a while to get used to.

It’s great, but as an ex advanced forger, I too find it overwhelming. The remapped controls doesn’t help either. I don’t see a logical reason for this. Why can’t delete remain as y not hold left on d pad, why can’t object menu remain x, map options b, player edit mode up, select remain a?