Forge Worlds

I dont know if anything i write has been writen before so forgive me if i retype or bring up an exsisting topic/subject.

I have a few idea’s and ill try to explain everything in detail, yet keep it short. The forge world that we have on Reach is Forunner themed. In Halo 4 what if there were 3 themed forge worlds. Forunner, Human and Covenant.

The same setting which is in Reach but completly re-designed. I will use some of Halo CE’s campain levels as an example here. you could take designs from the silent cartographer and the second level of CE. you must forgive me i can’t remeber the name of that mission. But combinding those two maps together with Forunner instalations the are decoration only and can not be removed. like the structure in the distance on the current forge world we have on Reach. Now all forge items will be Forunner themed like the current forge world.

i would like to use Headlong as a majoe example here. even though this map is a section of a city undergoing construction. i think a forge world based on a city theme would be appropriate. so when you load this forge world up. it will be completly empty with buildings and instead all that you are left with is roads and walkways. Now the buildings will be divided into sections which you can stack ontop of one and another including tunnels. now there could be up to 30 different sections of buildings ad you as a forger want to use 8 different sections that are completly different colours. a simple menu selection will allow you to change all the sections to have the same colour. On the outside and inside. These sections will also be designed to fit perfectly togeher so that you wont have a building that has gaps were the sections dont quite go.

Well this one is a little tricky to explain becuase i dont think anyone has had the experience to work with Covenant designed items. But i will use Heritic as an example, were the sword is on the floating platform. We can use features such as that. let me give you another example, on Halo 3 we were given Covenant weapn holders that would make the weapon float. if we could have a feature incoorpriated into this Forge World that would allow us to make platforms float. i think that would allow for great community creations.

these 3 Forge Worlds will have to be smaller so that they wont take up so much space. unless Halo 4 is sold with 2 seperate disk’s. and whilst typing this another idea came into mind. on headlong were you can see the advertisment for the golden/yellow warthog there could be an item such as an advertisment frame. were you can add screenshots from halo ( only within halo so that this feature can not be mistreated, such as being able to add custom picturew that could be offensive to others). you could even make the frame show more then on picture, so a slide show of up to 5 pictures max.

these ideas are simple and feel free to add your own and say or own opinion on the ideas that i have surgested.
PS: I am sorry about my spelling and punctuation, it isnt one of my strong points so please forgive me.

Thanks for reading.

I think we will be getting another Forge World eventually, it seems way to Farfetch’d to go this long relying soley on content from Forge World, they gave us multiple canvas like maps in Halo 3. There must be something new, and I think its coming with Halo: CEA.

Hmm… that would be interesting. And btw, the 2nd level of CE is called Halo.