Forge Worlds Maps in MM - Yes or No?

So, we know that there are gonna be 3 Forge Worlds. For their size, I don’t see them being too big, maybe 2/3 of the Reach Forge World, but with 3 of them and 3 different palettes.

However, I was wondering, would you like them to be in MM? It wouldn’t be repetitive, unlike Reach where we had 2 real BTB maps and then a ton of Forge World maps, we would probably have 2-3 BTB sized maps already, plus 3 BTB maps from each Forge World and its palette, so we could end up with 5-6 unique different maps in a game of BTB.

Probably more for TS, too - of course, the Forge needs to be designed differently for TS sized and BTB sized games.

Finally, Forge World maps on MM Flood Mode (Infection) ? I would really want to see this happen, as maybe you can actually have objectives rather than survive for 3 minutes, and then maybe there could be Forge Maps where humans have to actually proceed forwards towards a place with higher advantage (Like so many of the better infection maps on customzzzzzz).

So, would you like it?

General Pro’s -
3 different palettes instead of 1.
Can change the maps by updating playlist

Cons -
Um…lag? I can’t find one.

Get a better map selection process, and I’d be okay with it. I was glad to see Bungie and 343 putting community maps in matchmaking, but then I saw the quality of them…


If they are going to do so, they need to have a simpler contest. Instead of several different gametypes at once, stick to one at a time. Paying alot of attention to the quality of the map would definetly be a plus.

If the player wants to submit the same map for a different gametype, by all means they should go for it.

Yeah, why not?

There should be a few things that need changing though:

1: Thank God they’ve already done this: more Forge maps = more diversity.

2: Being able to make a screenshot and make that the “map profile pic”, makes them easily recognizable.
3: Only quality maps should be allowed into MM. So I guess its good not to have them in right away. Let the Forgers tool away for a while and then include the very best.
4: Forged maps are a must for Flood!!! Preferably more dedicated Forge maps than regular maps in this gametype if you ask me.
5: Even balance between Forge and regular maps. Don’t have 10 maps in a BTB of which 9 are Forged.

I’d like to see at least one (well made) map variant from each of the 3 Forge maps in Matchmaking. That would bring the grand total of launch maps to 13!