Forge world special effects

Okay I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only person whos tired of using next gen and purple on every infection map to make it “nighttime”. why can’t there be a toggle daytime setting? And instead of 7 or 8 preset special fx, there should be just one that you can customize (exe. Tint, Contrast, Brightness, Red, Blue, Yellow ect.) all on a single orb. just some thoughts…

I have thought of similar ideas myself. I think a time of day selection is needed however custom is pushing the limits of the engine and would make the game lag. I think they should expand the options of Special Effects and also allow players to place at least 6 lights to allow more distinction of areas.

Purple is not a good “night time” effect. It would be nice to have a real night time effect.

The only FX I use are those that make a black and white old movie/horror feeling to the game. I feel there is a real need for a horror effects, but nothing else really.

All others are just too specialized and I don’t feel they add much at all. That is my opinion only, your mileage may vary…

ya purple looks like crap by itself but if you add next gen. it looks cool…ish