Forge World Should Be Added

If you ask me, Forge World was a great idea, the only problem being not allowing you to change the colors of the pallets, yeah sure the map was grey all the time but now instead of being grey the maps are white (Impact, Ravine)They changed nothing, all they did was make the forge maps smaller.
They should add a Forge World to the next map pack.
I’m not even a big fan of forge, I just think the “new” maps are too smaller and the pallet is plain.


i kind of agree, while these maps and forge pallets were amazing, it takes a lotta skill to work with the terrain in these maps. When i forge i like building maps into the environment (i hate making platform maps and hate how they seemed to be a big part in reach’s multiplayer)

i did like forge world and I would like them to bring it back, but i think that sandbox should be brought back as well

I liked forge world a lot. Which is why when I hit SR130 I’m going back.

I agree, they should bring back sandbox and forge world.

And maybe add some more forge palette areas?