Forge World: Random World Generation

Do we really need a default template? In Halo 5, all template was just a flat plain. The only terrain we had were our forge rocks, but, they were too original it was unreal.

Imagine your logical ideal forge world you wanted to create. But not enough forge limits to do so. So instead of default templates/canvas, we are able to randomly generate our own custom Forge world. We have a game menu option of scales and toggles we are able to choose from biomes, scale terrain height, scale smooth land/rough terrain, toggle natural props, toggle caves, toggle water, scale water depths, scale amount of water/land toggle object collision (interact landscape), toggle types of backgrounds, ect. Once confirmed, enter the forge game and viola your Minecraft world.

Lighting, physics, and smaller terrain are still chosen in the in-game forge menu. Natural terrain is in the home-screen game menu. But creating your custom world is up to you. And if you want to use the default templates, thats fine too.

There are many Forge request topics, let’s try and condense them all to this thread here