Forge World Port

I personally thing the additions to forge is great, except the no zooming part, but it is a real dissapointment that the Maps that you are supposed to forge on are too small, restricting or have pre-built structures on it.
What i was thinking is that Certain Infinity (the people behind forge and the maps) should just port Forge World from Reach, (cos it was the best, apart from the lack in textures) and update the map to suit the Halo 4 engine, then release the map for us forgers for free. that map had the biggest freedom ever, you could build anything and anywhere, except under that waterfall, which i wasnt too happy about. there was basically no resritcions.

So what do you think?

I think there is enough demand for it. I would be willing to accept this TEMPORARILY as an alternative to a fully built from the ground up replacement later on.

I would even be willing to throw out a couple hundred MS points to help fund the work. Anything more than 200 would be an insult to us however.

No. Forge World is way too large, especially for the graphics in Halo 4. If you thought the screenlag was bad on Forge World in Reach, wait until you see a map that size in Halo 4! A map half the size of Forge World would be pushing it.

I’d be willing to pay 1200 MS points for a Forge World DLC. Anything’s better than these closets that we call Erosion, Impact and Ravine.