Forge World maps in Arena.

I don’t know about the next guy, but last time I checked Reach has alot of original maps including the DLC’s, why is it that I usually play Forge World maps come more than any of the original maps? Did I pay 20 dollars to see maps like anchor 9 or comdemned come up once every 2 months as an option to choose in arena? I AM TIRED OF ONLY PLAYING SYNAPSE, SELECT AND ENCLOSED 80% OF THE TIME I PLAY IN ARENA.

Arena is (supposed to be) competitive. They (Bungie) put in those Forgeworld maps and weighted them so heavily because they are symmetrical. Not a single on disc map is good for competitive play, save Zealot. As for DLC, which has only one competitive map between the two packs (Anchor 9), not a whole lot of people bought the DLC. If you want to play DLC, I suggest playing the DLC specific playlists, Premium Slayer and Premium Battle.