Forge wish list for future updates or next halo

I would like to see an option where you can create your own peice like a building or platform something that you could then group it weld it as one which i know you can do that but then have the option to save it into your pallet that could be called customs or what ever that then could be uploaded for someone else to grab and use in there map. I doubt we can do that when forge drops next week but i think the potintal of something like this would be huge. It would give us even more of an object count more creative abilities. Not only could you do that but you could create your own fx, scripting patterns, etc. then share them with the world for them to decide if they want to download them to there pallet and use i know i’m not the only one who would really like this idea so hopefully 343i can add this feature in later with an update or even add it in to halo 6, 7, 8 who knows but on top of that i would like to see mirroring and object sculpting like take a block and make it into a triangle, octogon, circle, etc. say you want to take this wall you just made or floor and you want to give it dips, bumps, something. This would give us even more abilities to create something more personalized to you that someone else hasnt done. Please leave any comments or ideas of your own thanks. Sorry for the bad spelling and grammer never been good with either.

We still aren’t sure what’s going to be included in standard forge so some of our ideas might already be in.

I would like to see all the weapon and vehicle variations available to place down in forge along with more trees and cliffs.