Forge Will Fail Without Custom Games Browser

If Forge releases without CGB, it will fail to be anything but another blip on the list of missed opportunities that define Halo Infinite.

This is bad news for Halo and bad news for fans hoping Forge would bring new life to Halo Infinite. Forge needs a functional Custom Games Browser in order to be more than just a niche sideshow.


Ok, so delay Forge till the Custom Games Browser is released?


Forge will most likely be delayed. Infinites forge is the most ambitious yet and I just don’t see it making the end of season 2 release.

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Forge should be delayed until the Custom Games Browser is able to be released with it. If 343 wants a larger scale Beta release, they should do that through the Insiders build and make that open to everyone.


I just read that statement in the link. . . . It said:

“it’s too early in development and they’re having too much trouble with other things”

Really??? How long has Halo Infinite been in development??

Un freakin Believable!!!

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Or just give the user’s the custom game browser so we can screw around with it while they fix all the other stuff!



I don’t think it will fail. I don’t think H3 had a browser. Obviously a browser would be the peanut butter to the jelly, but immediate failure is an exaggeration.
I would hope that at the very least there is a file share service so we can at least download variants and maps from each other.


I think that is the actual problem that 343 doesn’t want to admit. I think Infinite as we know it today has only been in development for a relatively short time. This is why it has no content, missing features, and not much on the horizon. They are trying to build it out as they go.

Do I have proof of this, no, but where there is smoke…


Personally, I don’t need CGB but I know that it is a must for many of you.

For me, I just want 343 to sift through the community creations and add the best ones to existing playlists.


It may not fail at being Forge. That depends on whether or not it actually works. But it will fail at being the thing that many people are hoping will save this game.

It will definitely be a missed opportunity. Forge maps and their corresponding game modes can only be as popular as the tools available to share them. File share is okay but it’s reach is small. In order for maps and game modes to be widely shared throughout the community, a custom games browser is required.

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Not sure about failing, but it might end the honeymoon effect faster than they think.


They said in that twitter post that the Custom Game Browser is not even remotely close to being done… or are you ok with them releasing it even if it’s not complete?

You have a good point! But if 343i made a no frills version of the CGB and to update it later, I would agree to that. There’s gotta be a why to make a cheepy version of a CGB.

Before Halo MCC had a CGB a person or persons ( BeerKeg ) had a website up and start a server and it would be listed on their website. Then the person would log onto the website and just click on the server they wanted to join.

Sadly that was then and this is now :woozy_face: There has gotta be a way to make a script or a mod. Maybe somebody who has the talent to can figure it out.


I think without any CGB, the less dedicated Forgers will just drop it, and I think even the most dedicated Forge players will probably drop it if they don’t have a friends-base to play their Forged maps with.

Custom Games browser brings a lot of life to Forge, especially in a game that’s as anti-social as Halo Infinite is. I seem to remember my brother meeting people online through Halo 3’s lobby system, and loading into Custom Games with them. Infinite doesn’t have that.


Quoted for truth! Forge also needs a match composer!

Halo 3 and Halo Reach didnt have browsers back in the day and people still made fun maps and invited their friends and recent players. I had a whole friends list of people I met that way which made it even quicker fill up a lobby as you made more friends. The game definitely needs custom browser but forge shouldnt be delayed so that they can release together. By the time custom browser comes out hopefully there are some fun maps that have already been tested.

One downside I found to the custom browser in Halo 5 is it was filled with the same few maps and modes for years. It was like the people making and trying fun maps were mainly playing them in friends only lobbies like in H3/ Reach. Or people just didnt forge alot in Halo 5 since it wasnt as popular or a game and forge was much more complicated

The MCC Browser seems to have more variety of maps and modes to it at least for H3.


They need to make custom games actually function properly before a custom browser should even be discussed.


infinite as an whole was the most ambitious halo game when first announced, yet here we are with an incomplete, buggy mess
even if 343 delays forge for CGB, i have 0 high hopes for it being any good

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It’s a huge blow.


But I certainly wouldn’t delay Forge. Creators can still create. There is going to be a learning curve… So having them ahead of the game will be good.

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