Forge will be coming next month BUUUUTTTTTTT!

Why would we think anything different at this point?

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Because eventually you’d think they’d get a W, even if it was a fluke.

“Rumor has it.” I mean, 343 stated that their custom game browser won’t be ready until next year.

So… instead of letting people get better with forge and build up a big library of user generated content… you’d rather they just not release forge because the custom game browser won’t be ready?



Dude I’m already decided I’m moving on I mean I already have I have been playing No Man Sky alot, and MW 2 drops right before the winter update so I’ll be taking my efforts towards a game that is dropping alot of content day 1.

I linked a YouTube video from Sean W below, he says it all, oher competition in terms.of content full games are begining to release, I have said it before 343 doesn’t have time on their side. This to be honest should have already.

Like other games are shipping all features or most of all. Meanwhile 343 huge content for March season 3 is A report button for players… Like bro…

I have moved on and been enjoying other things. 343 has essentially waste people’s time and expectations.

Like I’m thinking of just buying the 30 Tiers of the battle pass and save myself the time.


“I’ve moved on, but I still come to the forums and post.”



It is going to take mere mortals weeks, if not months, to get to grips with the system and what it can do.

I’m more than happy to have a head start.


i dont think its really a big deal. you can just use xbox looking for groups and get lobbies going. thats what most people do for mcc already. as long as maps and gamemodes can be shared through a file share system or temporary files like in previous games it should be fine.

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I have moved on from playing Halo Infinite, I still coe in to check things out though. The forum is more than just Halo Infinite. Alot of great MCC post here and stuff totally a out regarding other aspects of the Halo Universe.

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It’s on the roadmap that it won’t release with Forge. They said this a while ago. What?

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Both forge and custom game browser should’ve been launched at release. This new version of how Halo is released has frustrated Halo fans (myself included) beyond levels that we’ve never faced before.

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I have played Halo since Halo Combat Evolved. I love Halo, But I have kinda sorta moved on, I still play Halo MCC and run my Battlefield 2042 server. But as far as Halo Infinite goes and not have a Custom Game when Forge come out is nothing but BS! WHAT A FREKING JOKE!! The custom game area has be broken for almost year NOW! Really? Just goes to show you what their priorities are at! :laughing:

This is why we the Halo Community has to deal with. I just wish BEER KEG could make another Custom Game Browser like they did for Halo MCC. But They said they could not because of the way the game is setup.

Believe it or not I still have hope for Halo Infinite. ( but not much ). 343 has to prove to me and show me why I should “REALLY GET INVOLVED” again with Halo Infinite before I start playing Halo Infinite again. PERIOD!

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

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Indeed. People rely too much on 3rd party sources for things.

I’d understand if it was some dev interview or something. Not everyone has time to watch them, but the roadmap is pretty straight forward.


Agreed! but can the Halo Community rely on 343 and or Microsoft to get this game fixed?

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

Its more profitable to make a new game at this state, obviously the Slip space engine is so bad that the dev tools crashes and you have to redo everything again.

I really think 343 was proud of them selfs when they showed off The Pit on the World Premiere , because they succeed to create a map without the engine crashing, but they dont know how to upload the map to the servers without crashing the servers.

343 was like, oohhh look at this Purple version of The PiT, its amazing!
We did it guys!

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There’s a perfectly capable game right there waiting to have some fixes/changes made to its existing systems. Why on earth would they abandon it to spend another 3-4 years working on a new game and miss out on tons of MTX cash?

Yo they’re talking about you.

I would support anybody even 3rd party people that could get this game fixed. I don’t care who as long as this game gets fixed!

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

I think its better to make a whole new game, this game has so bad rep anyway.
A fix here and there wont help increasing the userbase and make Halo great again.

Maybe they should support the game until 2024 and then releas a new Halo game in UE5 in 2025.
Just look at the guy creating Halo in UE5.

That’s literally how live service games work. Devs make changes and observe effects on the userbase. There are plenty of games out there that had a bad initial first year and then later on made changes to boost their player count.

Why… why are gamers so obsessed with game dev tools when they have no idea what they’re talking about? UE5 isn’t some magic bullet that’s suddenly going to correct all the things you don’t like about Infinite. Spoiler alert: Every technical issue you’ve experience in Halo Infinite can absolutely happen in UE5.

i don’t think switching to UE5 will be ideal. what they should do is for the next game, ditch open world stuff. it doesn’t work well in halo.

go back to a halo with linear and open maps. why change what worked fine in the previous games?

just a failed experiment.

It was in the roadmap. Forge is not coming with CGB.

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