Forge - Where's the GROUP OBJECT tool?

As quoted from one of the developers from forge:

“Our main goal was to make forging faster (something along those lines)”

So, they gave us the following tools I am aware of:

  1. Duplicate object (only one object at a time? lawlz)

  2. Magnets (well I would hope so)

So even with these two new tools my forging experience is still slow and tedious as balls.

Why you may ask?

Let’s say I want to identical bases on a map. Well I still have to make each one from scratch, what a waste of time. Wait what if…I could group objects together and perform actions on those groups as if they were one object? Ohhh that’s recursion! Now you’re probably asking: “Dude too hard, derp, the way the source code is, derp, impossible to do.”

Well I am under the belief there is a really easy way to do this. I am ignorant I’ll admit. I only have first year university programming experience which has granted me a minimal understanding in object oriented programming. Here is my solution anyway.

Step 1: Give each forge object a group name (such as alpha, bravo, charlie etc). Just like a team name.

Step 2: Have a list (some type that stores forge objects) that contains all groups (like alpha) which are non-empty lists of forge objects that need to be operated on (moved/duplicated). So whenever you need to move an object, duplicate it or rotate it look in this list.

Step 3: Look in the list and duplicate/rotate/move whatever

P.S Step 2 could be done an infinite number of ways, most of them easy. It would probably be different that my way but similar. Instead of always operating on one object they could operate on a list of objects that always contains one or more objects.

So what if…

Moving/duplicating/rotating 30 objects at once is really laggy?

When you move/duplicate/rotate the object (or group of objects) you can only see the outline of it which doesn’t take a lot of resources. Only after you committed the change will the objects be fully drawn. Sure it may take a while to fully draw 30 objects with dynamic lighting but it will be faster that putting the entire base together by scratch again or even 3 times. There. Really -Yoink!- simple. -Yoink!-. Why didn’t they do this???