Forge. What will you make

When we eventually get forge what is the first thing you are going to create?
For me as long as there are bots I’m going to make a base where we have to defend Craig from waves of banished that slowly get more difficult.

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Most likely people will start rolling out versions of older maps which I’m looking forward to :slightly_smiling_face:


Nothing cause I stuck at making anything creative, however I do look forward to seeing what iteration of Fat Kid, Reach Racer and Duck Hunt people come up with.

I’ll make some awesome maps like Bloodgulch, Sidewinder ect ect. Just hope we can delete the soft and kill barriers so we can put the barriers anyplace we want!

yes , not to exicted about the new maps , so remakes in forge for the good old maps I look forward to

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I’m 5, I made a pretty decent replica of Firebase Ghost from ME3 that plays well as an asymmetrical 4v4, so looking forward to giving that a go.

More so, I looking forward to all the remakes made by people who have FAR more skill than I do. 5 was a massive learning curve for me, haha!

So we’re assuming Forge is actually gonna be functional when it launches and not like custom games? Well I may poke in to try and build some old school maps of mine from older Halos.

I’m going to muck around with Beaver Creek… but someone else will do something way above my pay grade - and we’ll play that instead.

Can’t wait to get my hands on scripting…

The usual. remaking some classic maps (if some of my ideas don’t get made first by 343) and making crazy prefabs.
On Halo 5 there was a New Mombasa custom map that I truly enjoyed, maybe i’ll start with that…

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I’ll be remaking all the old maps where possible. I’ll then also remake all my own personal competitive maps which made a great 4v4 game

I would love to attempt at recreating my favorite map from halo 4 “vertigo”. Both base towers had a way to remove campers, it was very open in mid, had two flank routes with cover, and was so aesthetically pleasing.

Phallus, obviously.
Might try my hand at a comp map. Might play with scripting. All really depends on its capabilities this time around.

I intend to recreate several personal long-time competitive maps first. After that I’ll be building Mercs vs. Spies maps first, I imagine.

I need a Dodgeball type of map where teams play each other with infinite fusion coil spawns. Or a last survivor mode where 1 guy needs to kill all players using fusion coils.

It seems a little early for this, seeing as how Forge won’t be released until Season 3 (which is most likely Q3 2022 or later).
Hopefully, we get a Forge World with a lot more expandability than previous iterations of Halo. I’m hoping we get more access to the different despawning mechanisms of items and be able to create scripted events/actions instead of solely relying on spawn timers and other hacky methods of making custom events.

BLOOD GULCH :100: and maybe Water works, that was a great Halo 2 map as well that not many people talk about.

We definitely need classics like Fatkid, Speed Halo, Halo on Halo, Trash Compactor, Clogged etc.
I’m glad we don’t have assassinations yet cos I’m sick of seeing Assassinations customs in MCC.

Jumping puzzles. race track