Forge Weapon Fusion Abilities

For a while now there has been a glitch that allows for two weapons to be fused in forge, it is by far the most fun in the game and should be installed as a feature in my opinion.

That being said, I’ve created this topic to find and share new and interesting ways to fuse two weapons together. Here are some of my findings:

(To achieve prescribed effect, do in the order they arrive. If there is more than one option, I will specify.)

  • Assault Rifle (Extra Mag) + Railgun = Bottomless clip railgun - Plasma Pistol + Boltshot = Triple shot void cannon (It does not void if zoomed) - Gravity Hammer + Sword = Gravity pulse sword - Sniper Rifle + Magnum = A pistol that shoots sniper rounds - Hydra + Plasma Rifle = Hydra Rocket Launcher with constant fire (Runs out of charge eventually) - Plasma Caster + SAW/Detached Plasma Turret = Grenade fountain - Incineration Cannon + Spartan Laser = A lot of Incineration grenade thingies
    Okay, now for a more technical list. This will be for people who are looking for a deeper, mechanic-based list of findings.

  • The primary/first weapon used will attempt to override the bullet fired, to varied effects. - Boltshots will fire bullets that take a charge outside of zoom, and fire regular bullets zoomed. Ex: If you do #2 on the previous list, you will get The Void’s Tear effect, if you however infuse a Sniper with a Boltshot (in that order) it will fire sniper bullets only when zoomed. - Spartan Lasers will shoot primary fire bullets (the ones with no charge time) as it charges, and then the secondary (the one that does take charge time) upon release of the trigger upon a full charge. This is very fun to pair with a Plasma Pistol (Pistol + Spartan Laser, not the other way around). - Spartan Lasers also increase reload time on cooldown weapons, whereas Storm Rifles do the opposite (Spartan Laser/Storm Rifle + ???). - You can increase the zoom on any weapon by infusing it with an Assault Rifle (Recon Sight) (Assault Rifle + ???). - Infusing a Sword with an Assault Rifle (Knight Sword) will break the sword and make it pretty useless (Assault Rifle + Sword). - Infusing most everything with a Sword or Gravity Hammer will do pretty much nothing (Sword/Hammer + ???).That concludes the information I have right now, feel free to share your findings if you are so inclined.

Most of all, I hope you got a kick out of something from this post, have a nice day.