In the end of Halo wars Sgt. Forge said, “Son, i have a feeling we’ll need every last spartan in the fight, I can do this, Report back to the ship.” But we didnt need every last spartan in the fight. Douglas was out of the fight for more then half of the time on the Ark. Jerome could have died and we could have kept our Sgt.

Douglas being out of the fight doesn’t mean he wasn’t needed.
Even then, every Spartan available at those times were used.

Furthermore, from a logical standpoint it’d be an idiotic waste to sacrifice a Spartan with armor and all what other things a spartan can bring to the table and keep a sort of exceptional marine.

Humanity ONLY won because the Great Schism shock the Covenant apart. If that event never happened Humanity would of become extinct and ultimately the whole galaxy. You over analysing what he said. Forge didn’t mean it quite literally but as other people have said why would you sacrifice a super soldier that could help stem the Covenant genocide.

Lol i know, i was just making fun of that stuff… but i was kinda upset he was out of the game for a while… And yes, Forge was right because a Spartan II super solder is way better then a regular marine. I just thought it would be funny to see some responses.

I bet he wouldn’t have said that if he had a glimpse of all the Spartan IV’s, but in a way he was right. The Spartan IV program would have never happened if it were not for the II’s and III’s awesome stories and actions.

Thats true. but at the time, the war was going badly. Humanity would have lost if it were not for the events in halo 2. the spartan IV program was able to take off after the war… so yeah, if he would have known about them then why would he have given his life for the ship? lol its all a part of a heros tale