Forge/Warzone Integration?

As we know, forge is coming out with Cartographer’s gift, and is looking to be the greatest forge in Halo history. On the other hand, 343 has introduced Warzone, a gamemode I absolutely adore and something that has immersed me completely in combination with the req system. Around 90% of my time on Halo 5 consists of it.

Recently, I’ve thought of an idea with a lot of potential: what if forge and Warzone can be combined?

Before you get confused, allow me to elaborate. What if Warzone was a game type selectable in the forge lobby, it’s something you can select which can be applicable for objects, for example in Halo Reach you can spawn certain game specific objects and apply rules to make the map overall functional with the game mode in custom games.

What if you can forge Warzone maps? What if 343 takes the most solid and interesting creations from the community and adds them to PUBLIC playlists? This can fortify the variety that his game has already accumulated, and the ideas and potential that can come from this idea is truly limitless.

I’m aware that this is something that can’t be done so simply; it could be in a future update in 2016, and can be integrated in forge mode and custom games. I am making this to raise awareness to 343 about what incredible things they can accomplish together with the community, it is truly a feature I must live to experience.

Just imagine spawning templates of the traditional spawn bases from the original Warzone maps, and tweaking it aesthetically or modifying the layout to introduce new pathways and strategies. Imagine placing where you spawn with a vehicle, where you must travel to get to the first armoury, but what if it isn’t an armoury? What if you’re on two sides of a mountain with the main capture point on the top? What if dynamic features change the locations and layouts of these capture points? What if there are multiple capture points, more than the original triple formula which could introduce 24 vs 24 player matches in the future. Imagine choosing what bosses spawn, when and where they spawn and how significant they are to the gamemode? AI features have never been in a Halo forge before, and now would be a good time to start experimenting.

however, this is just a suggestion, and I would like some support from the community to make this a possibility in the future.

One question guys, if 343 was to introduce new Warzone maps in future updates, what types of maps would you like to see? Underwater citadels? Swamps? Basins? Space? A halo ring? Caverns? Volcanoes? Coral reefs? What do you want to see?

They already said they want to do it but they couldn’t at the time. Maybe in halo 6.

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> They already said they want to do it but they couldn’t at the time. Maybe in halo 6.

I still have high hopes this could be a feature, maybe in an update in 2016 at least. If it does become something for Halo 6, I would love the option of having Spartan vs Elite Warzone. Elites simply need to return.

Baby steps. Once we get to beta test Forge and work out the majority of the bugs, they could consider a Warzone Forge. But I would not expect it until H6.

I don’t see this as a viable option for 343.

If people are able to create their own warzone matches in custom games, there would be no need to play matchmaking, and therefore no need to purchase req packs. It would be a bad business decision on their part and they know it.

This is also why we will NEVER see REQ weapons in forge either.

It’s just not logical.

Honestly, I thought it would of been added. Warzone Assault maps are essentially forged variations of the 3 Warzone maps (not confirmed). I mean heck most of the scenery/bases are the same for each of the maps, so if they entered Forge we could certainly construct a Warzone map.

The only problem is the REQ system. That being said OP has a rough idea on how to work around that and I think it would be great. I just don’t see 343 doing it. Especially, since we are receiving Forge now.

I’m sad that the community won’t be able to produce Warzone maps. That would be refreshing in Warzone. :c