Forge wants (small but difficult list)(discuss my list, instead of making your own here)

Forge Wants:

Makeable Campaigns:
Cutscenes made in upgraded theater mode

Simple Objects:

Basically 2d objects:

3d objects:
Triangular prisms
Rectangular prisms

The ability to do this

Breakable glass in a bunch of shapes

All the weapons and vehicles from previous games

more breakable objects

Environment Editing (ground, snow, et cetera…)

Paint Brush, with effects brush aswell.

Triggers for A.I.

Model creator for guns / vehicles / A.I.

Ability to code A.I. individually instead of before a match (like how well they can see or how much damage they dish out)

Ability to do the same with weapons.

Thanks for reading, and YES i do know its unlikely any of my wants will come true.

This is a pretty cool list but how much of that can put in one disk, if the game did come with all these things, forge would be on another disk but still great ideas and i liked the ai part of it.