Forge upgrades

The upgrades to Halo Reach’s Forge were awesome. Now we need more of that in Halo 4.
There should be at least three different “Forge World’s” One that has grass like Reach’s, one that is desert (this would include that maps Sandbox and Sandtrap) and one that has snow (this would include sidewinder, Avalance, and Breakpoint). I would like to see more FX options and be able to put down more then two lights.
Another great feature would be the ability to change the textures on items. Forge World has the Forerunner grey metal, but if I could change it to human or covenant texture that would be great.
Any other idea’s you guys have, post them below.

my idea is a simple one, stop making threads about what to add to forge, just post in one of the hundreds that came before


When Bungie made Forge for Halo Reach. It was the easiest tool that i ever used in Halo. When Halo 4 comes out, 343 should make Forge different, but still use the same idea as what Bungie did. They should give us the tools to forge in Fire Fight and it would be cool to do it in campaign, but i don’t think they would go that far. When they gave us the Nature selection with different kinds of rocks. They should give us more options then just rocks. They should add Trees, Mountains shapes, Water pools, and so on…
If 343 want to make this game look it’s best when it comes out. They should make people like us, to enjoy Halo 4, and be interested when 343 is trying to sell it. Then it should be 343 intention to try to make Halo 4 the best selling games for 2012.

No Forge World. I want a map editor please…