Forge Universe. a revolutionary forge idea. (rather large wall)

a briliant idea has run through my mind that could revolutionize the way we forge, if implemented.

this would be a forge map, and not an altercation of the pre-existing Forge World.
so, as you spawn, you stand on a flat rock in the middle of space. this large area could be an immense size and would have no other geometry on the map other than the rock you stand on, which could be deletable.

no geometry on the map would leave more room for more possibilities, since in forge world the only reason why we have a seemingly small limit of items is because of the already existing polygons.


space would have the same gravity as the outside of anchor nine and the outside of zealot. to make gravity there could be placeable gravity zones that could have the shape and size altered just like any other kind of “zone” and turning it would always make you fall towards its “bottom” therefore if you are in an upright one, and you walk into an upside down one, your spartan would flip upside down and fall “up”


“space” would be the default one. you could access its setting via the B menu since “grabbing” the sky would be impossible. you could select through a pre-defined set of them ranging from gloomy to bright to space and so on. they would be a spherical “object” that goes around all of the empty space. it can be rotated in any direction as to change the “look and mood” of each sky box. the clouds and everything would move and fade exactly like they always do, and the different direction of the sun or ambient light caused by the skybox would have the same directional effect that it should have.


this reffers to what we see off in the distance such as a giant mountain backdrop or the symbolic halo we always see, or even the Library as in the quarantine zone level we love so much. so on and so forth.


this is where this map could excel. it could have all the old objects from forge world, plus tons more in the same forerunner theme, but also pretty much the same objects but in either UNSC, Covenant, or civilian themes.

Also the Natural selection could include some pretty awesome stuff like rocks, giant rocks about the size of the mountain on the Island in forge world, and cliff walls, it could also include chunks of ground that have grass, sand, dirt, snow or metal and other textures on top, you could also place foliage and fauna, or even a giant flat plane that covers the entire expanse of the map. this particular object would only appear at the “bottom” of the map and wold not be movable. it would also have to have a “fade into the distance” effect when you reach the end of the map. it could also have different textures such as the ground chunks stated above.


you could place a “water” shape on the map to define where water will be, it would have a editable shape and size just like a zone.


we should be able to make rain and snow and fog and it could work just like an effect but would be effected as to what was blocking it such as a roof or and interior structure.


also a new physics setting that allows an object to be forever moved around and never settle would be nice. we could make falling objects with it, maybe it could be called “unsettled”


i believe it would be a long time coming if they included Pelicans and Phantoms, or they could just include a fully usable Falcon. also a Troop hog would be nice, and the full civilian vehicle set that we were teased with. also the Campaign shade turrets such as the Long range ones and the Fuel rod ones.

This, in my opinion would be a very reachable idea. since it isnt technically asking for anything new other than forge objects (which was proven in halo 3 can be made) and access to things already in the game like the vehicles.

the reason why a map like Forge world would not be able to happen again would be because it had to much map geometry on it. since it would technically just be a blank empty “nothingness” with no geometry whatsoever, we would probably have even more forge possibilities with it than the current forge world. also we would be constricted by the already set geometry and uneven terrain that a conventional map would have.

343, if you truly are taking over the Reach front, if you truly are going to become the new face behind the Halo mask, than i highly encourage you to listen to the community, we are where your future lies. and i believe that this idea could satisfy all Forgers. if you do ever look at our ideas, than please give this one a serious look at.

please, i would at least like it if someone agreed with me.

Yes. I want moar frigates.

Seems like it could be a completely different game lol… But this forge would be the bomb!

I’m going to go out and say that all I want is just a blank place with texture editting.

nope, it would be the same old thing we all know and love, just more useful and have more impressive features that would be incredibly useful. just a blank and empty space that you could make your own “world” with.

This would require a massive amount of effort, and might not even be possible within the current engine. But you know what? I would be all for it. 343, if you could do this, trust me, it would be well worth the effort.

along with the civilian vehicles I would like to see the vehicles from previous games to. Like the chopper and prowler.
Sounds realy good I hope 343 does this!

Forge World was a revolutionary idea. What you would like is a refining of Forge World as it is now. :smiley: