Forge tips

So I’m just getting into forge and want to make a well developed couple of maps, maybe even game modes. Are there any tips or tricks I should know of before getting into it?

Good scripting, grid snap, magnets on, and a balanced map makes a good map. Grid snap helps with getting things in order and place and magnets helps put things together well. Scripting is like “coding” but a lot more simple. You don’t need scripting but it helps to make cool and unique games and maps.

When making a map, plan it out first.
Make sure you have in mind how high a tower will be— will it be low enough to clamber?—and other gameplay things like how long it’ll take to go cross map or get to power weapons.

Are you guys on PC would anyone of you gentlemen like to forge together with no limitations or goals in hand just bouncing or creative ideas off each other. Or something like that if anyone sees this and is interested I’m on xbox and my tags are the same as my profile here thank you.