Forge the Seasons

What I mean is; why not give players the chance to not only Forge objects.,but the whole lay out of the land. You know;like if you set the world to “Winter” the Forge trees get frost on them and the sky turns gray and cloudy.(Snow,Ice,etc.) Discus!

I think something like this would be pretty easy to implement. All 343 would need to do is draw up each individual lay-out/scheme and simply create something like the filters we already have.

I think it would bring a lot of replayability to maps, expecially something like Forge World where we only have green grass. If we could have the ability to change the scenery to look like: Standoff, Avalanche, Forge World, Sandtrap, then I bet people wouldn’t focus so much on the “EVERYTHING’S GRAY” aspect of it.