Forge: The Discussion Thread

I have been looking over the forge mode features and it seems pretty dope! However, I have some concerns and questions?

Will they we infection mode, because 80% of all great game modes involve infection
Can we forge warzone maps (and the AI as well)
Are the maps going to be big enough, in halo 4 one the biggest problems with forge was the maps were to small
Can we forge in warzone weapons/vehicles
Will there be breakable/movable objects (or can we set objects to be breakable/movable)
Will move custom game options be available, as it stands the custom game options are so few you can even recreate swat with the slay game type

Does any of these points raise concern with anyone else?

Can’t forge warzone or use the weapon/vehicle variants from warzone.

No sign of infection, not looking promising but you could be a little hopful.

Will be some breakable and movable objects, to what extent we don’t know.

yes custom options appear to be limited. No word on improving this.

Lack of gametypes and options are concerning yes.