Forge suggestions for xbox one:

  • Multiple skins for forge pieces (e.g UNSC, grass, rock, forerunner) that can be changed in exactly the same way as the colour is currently changed.

  • The flat surfaces in forge island were GREAT, but now add very large ‘hill’ pieces. A huge egg shape would be good as it has a variety of curves. This could be merged into terrain to make simple hills. Combined with a coliseum walls set to ‘grass’ this could be used to create a variety of terrains types.

  • Doors and switches. Can be set to a channel e.g alpha, bravo etc. When switch alpha is activated, door alpha opens. This would allow maps such as high ground, standoff etc to be made and would make invasion style game types to be created. I imagine it would also be fun for infection.

  • More scenery pieces. E.g civilian vehicles, burned out tanks, street lamps. Anything to add atmosphere and aid call outs.

-More basic shapes such as the pyramid sections from sandbox, spheres, cylinders etc.

A few very basic ideas there that I feel would allow the creation of truly outstanding maps without over complicating the current forge system.

Great ideas, I agree with all of them!

If buttons make it in I hope they could interact with all of the objects in the pallet: making objects spawn/despawn, making turbines spin, doors open/close, making unwielded guns shoot, making vehicles drive (maybe), turning grav lifts on and off, turning on real time monitors/cameras that show part of the play space on screen, activating an FX orb, crating some sort of environmental/technological disaster, blowing up bombs and much much more. The designers should look at each set of objects separately and decide how they can uniquely interact with buttons (aside from the standard spawn/despawn).

I also want to see custom objects made in a “glue” mode that will join to objects into one that can be saved in a special tab at the Forge X menu and can be uploaded to your fileshare.

Undo/redo/copy/paste/cut would be great as well.

And all of this is without taking into consideration the possibilities of a terrain editor, which is a very possible thing to make (Far Cry did it on the 360, so I’m sure it can be done on the X1).

The ability to set the 0,0,0 point of the coordinate system wherever you liked would also be handy.

Buttons? Oh man, I love buttons!
RvB Reference

I would like more interactive objects.
Such as breakable glass.

Also, we should be able to connect objects using a hinge.
That way, we could recreate the falling bridge on Last Resort/Zanzibar.