Forge suggestions about themes...

So, I’ve been composing some ideas for Forge. But, after peeking around the forums, both here and at the non-affiliated, I realized I’m not the first with these ideas. And I’m not talking about the same old “mor 1tems and no budget!” kinda stuff people always throw out. I’m taking ACTUAL thought out, plausible ideas, things that could actually work, and would be very beneficial to both the forgers, and other players alike.

A synopses of the ideas: Changeable “themes”, that will change only the visual characteristics of Forged levels. Basically, change nothing more than piece skins, lighting, and skybox.

I hope this isn’t against the rules (I haven’t seen anything about it), but it would just be to much to retype. And seeing as it’s not ALL my ideas, I really don’t want to copy and paste. So here’s the link to the other forum.

I don’t know if it is considered “bad etiquette” to link forums together (never spent much time on any well-ran forums), but if it is, let me know, I’ll take the couple hours needed to recompose everything and repost it here, in a new thread.

Thank you for the consideration. - TheDarkImmortal

I’m not sure how easy or hard this would be, unless they made a few different themed maps that have the same layout of the three we are getting.

I LOVE the idea of this.

As I said in the original post, I would be willing to wait until after release of H4, so they would have more time to work on it. Also, it could, theoretically, be done on smaller, entirely “indoor” levels, like the crypt in Sandbox (minus the escape hatch, of course), so that new skyboxes and lighting wouldn’t even have to be created. Just skins. Just something to shake it up so people aren’t always looking at the same old gray tiles. That was the ONLY complant I had about Reaches forge. Every piece looked the same. It made both forging, and playing on forged maps (both community made, and the shipped ones) get way too stale, way too fast.

Forerunner (like they showed off at RTX)

Since they’re only doing three, this is what I hope is happening.

Also, at least a dozen world/climate specific pieces for each world (i.e. snow-type pieces for the snow world, in addition to the regular pieces, etc.).

Also, a multi-select tool to select more than one piece at a time, to make custom objects (that you make out of 2 or more pieces) easier to duplicate, move, delete, etc. Maybe “hold down trigger and move over several pieces” type of functionality. Or even just a “group” function, similar to how you setup transporters. In other words, set 2 pieces to group “Alpha” and they move together when you select one of them.

More objects that have small lights/light sources in them (street lamps, wall fixture lights, etc. Doesn’t even have to be a real light source, since I know those are pretty GPU demanding.

And also: more than 2 light sources, lol. At least let us have 4, so we can setup a 4-team map (red, blue, green, orange, for example). I’d absolutely LOVE some directional light-sources, too, like spotlights. Even if just 1 pr 2 per map. Do away with the “Special EFX” crap so as to free up some GPU power to allow more light sources/different lights. Imagine a darker-style map with a fixed-spotlight area? How dope would that be for SWAT and Sniper games?

…and more cowbell.

Oh, and let me also add, if it is just too late in development to add in, or if it’s not feasible to do this as a stand alone project, at least take these ideas in to account in a few years when we get Halo 5. Please, 343i?

Oh, and elevators (not real ones like ours, but like in Construct from Halo 3, or the one in Sword Base in Halo: Reach etc.).

And you should be able to have 1 floor, 2 floor, 3 floor, and 4 floor elevators. Or maybe just be able to adjust the height of it up to a certain point, so you can exactly-match it to an area of your map.

And better/more diverse grav lifts, as well. The one in Reach’s Forge sucks balls. Only goes a certain high and you can barely do anything but go straight up unless you angle it. Have about 3 or 4 different strengths, like we have with the man-cannons?

The ability to change the colours of things like grav lifts and man-cannon’s would be neat as well (meaning the air/blue part). That would make for more visually distinctive/interesting maps, and would also be great for teamwork/callouts (if you do those kind of things, either pro or just casually informing buddies where you saw an opponent/took their shields down). Think like “our base, red grav lift!” or “their base, green grav lift!”