Forge speculations and hopes

We all know that forge mode will be making a comeback with three maps comprising the “forge world.” So I was wondering, what does everyone think of the new forge? What are some of the new aspects you think you will enjoy using? What are some returning things you like or dislike? Also, how do you plan on using the forge?

Personally, I plan on building a monster trucks aka crash up derby with low gravity zones. If the zone things work how I want, then this could be a very interesting map.

Option to change the color/theme on the block thingies.

I want one to be alteast somewhat big… Not as big as Forge World, but maybe like the size of the mainland part of it (with the canyon, alaska, and montana) which is about half its size. The others can be smaller.

ai spawning

> ai spawning

Impossible to do unfortunately, and would be a useless feature.

I am hoping that the community can come up with a map that is essentially a space battle. With the new low gravity zones, there could be some pretty sweet ship to ship fights alongside a pretty cool Boarding Action remake…

What I really want to see is possibly map packs that contain forge world levels that contain old favorites from other games like how they put Coag in Reach, among other levels. I would definately have a reason to buy the map packs if they came with something along those lines. Even if they didnt have forge world maps, they could have like Classic map pack 1, 2, etc. Nextly, being able to we’ll say you jump into a wall, and the gravity shifts to where you are now walking along the wall instead would be sick (If you’ve played Cubeskew you know what I mean). The ability to modify blocks would be awesome also, such as being able to cut preset parts out of blocks (Semi-circles, etc.) That would cause so much of an explosion of forging it would be great :slight_smile: Lastly, I want an updated file-search system where its eassy to find fun custom games ALONG WITH the gametypes they are created for/with. Its annoying downloading 6 versions of the same game.

> Option to change the color/theme on the block thingies.

See this is why threads like these are unnecessary. We have a lot of threads like this one. And we always give the same answers. But because we have to do that all the time we get more lazy whilst doing it because we’re sick of explaining it everytime again.

I think Forge on Halo 4 will let us have better builds and maybe even make better videos(I don’t do videos but I would like to see people make them on Halo 4 Forge). I really want to see what they have added. They could have added Forerunner buildings. I also hope some things like flag and bombs are not restricted to a specific gametype. That is annoying. I just want to have a flag in Forge without using capture the flag.