Forge: Somethings to consider

I love halo and the last thing i would want is for halo to be changed up so much the it doesnt feel like halo, the game i have been playing for the last seven years (I realize halo been out for 10 years). So those people who argee and are giving 343 Industries a hard time… STOP! I trust 343 enough that im sure halo 4 will be great. Just something to consider!

Now to the real thing i want to talk about, the wishlist for forge.
-I would like what every one wants workable doors, elevators,and new special effects like snowing and raining
-I would like destoryed stuff like biuldings, vehicles, and even bodies to lay around to make the map im making feel like something happened there earlier. something bad
-last thing i wounld want is a forge world but creativily tied in with multiplayer maps that way im able to forge on all the maps at once and forge world expansion on every map packs because halo reach forge world got boring fast forging in the same places over and over.

Put what you would like to see in halo 4’s forge world down below!