Forge Sheild Doors

Why does a neutral two way Sheild door stop Spartans from walking through. They are supposed to allow them to walk through. Neutral doors should let any Spartan of any team or in ffa games go through them but they stop everything. This needs fixed asap.

Check your object properties. Maybe you changed the team accidentally or maybe you just don’t have the right object. Also, screw shield doors. Scripting is way cooler!

No I had a shield door. Neutral doors don’t allow Spartans to pass through them.

Yes, I need these shield doors OP speaks of to help finish my almost perfect remake of Anchor 9 from Halo Reach. (Still waiting on the game breaking lighting/contrast/color fixes too.) I also need trait zones for the anti-gravity on the outer space deck, since gravity volumes are too bugged and useless, because they lack precision gravity settings and sizing.

I wish they just stuck with the old Forge formula, but that didn’t happen. I’ve been playing other games since my maps got destroyed by the last few updates, and it will stay that way until they fix Forge. I’ll monitor these forums until then, because I put months of work into these maps and would love to finish them.

I know the feeling about maps either getting destroyed by updates or maps left incomplete because if missing elements.