Forge settings are messed up

Of coarse it has some bugs it’s day 2 of forge being out. Bugs such as me un-grouping some asteroids so I can duplicate one of them. Somehow this launched me outside the map where I died. But I didn’t re-spawn I was just stuck throwing the controller across the room. Anyway the controls are growing on me, they’re fine. It’s moving blocks, block organization, and some settings that just infuriates me. Try spawning a shade turret and moving it forwards. You can’t do it. You have to rotate it, then move it backwards, then rotate it again. Also the movement speed isn’t right. The precision editing is just fine. The boost is like 2.5 times what it should be, and the normal speed is about 0.4 times what it should be. I like the option to focus on a block with right stick, but pressing it again should toggle it on and off with removing the finger from left trigger to get farther away from it. Now for the block organization. For cylinders that are more then an inch long, I can’t find them. They aren’t in the primitives, cylinder category. The ones there don’t get past 74’ by 74’ I’ve seen larger cylinders used, and I want to use them too. By the way the things under primitives should be in structure. The basic blocks from halo reach should be under primitives. It just makes sense that way. Also y makes more sense for Forge options, and x makes more sense for object menu, they don’t have other functions so there is no reason why they’re switched.