Hello,I have come back to Forge recently after the new update which is awesome BTW!but when trying to script a simple platform moving up or down on a script i’ve ran in to an issue the object just continues to move and wont stop (unless i grab it and let go)has anyone else had this or am i doing something wrong (probably)

Ive got a switch and a platform > the switch on interaction toggles power on A channel > the platform on power check A moves offset forward + 5.00
but this just moves on forever

ideas guys?

I have no idea why it does that. I tried it out and it worked like expected for me:

it seemed to be something other scripts cuased i had a turbine constantly spinning on a timer as soon as i disabled this script al ws ok - weird

I’ve noticed that most of the simple scripting has gotten more complex. It’s great that they have added new features but not really a way on how to use it. Especially that you can script by rounds and half of the time my scripts work in the beginning but then break in mid game for pressure plates. Anybody really good with the newer scripting? NEED HELP!

i kind o just make it up as i go and see what works if the round script isnt working can you not use a timr check and just get it to check in at the lenght of every round?