Forge Scripting Issue

So, I’m trying to make a meeting map for my spartan company and I want to make an interactive door that will open and close a room on command.I initially tried to have the object (a cylinder) despawn and respawn back in after a set time, but I was having issues getting that to work consistently. Now I have it set so that I hit the first switch and the cylinder moves down, then I hit the switch inside the room and it goes back to it’s original position (there’s a teleporter inside so you can get out of the room). I’ve got the scripting for that down and it works consistently, but after I use the door once I can just walk back through it. Is there any way to make the object solid again? Any help would be appreciated.

It should stay solid the entire time unless you scripted the first button push to change that, if anything I can direct you to my friend who made a meeting room for his company and you can see if he is willing to just share it, its very well made.

I have a map in my files with a bunch of good scripting examples. The one labeled “D” should be good for what you’re trying to do. It’s in my Map Files, and it’s called “Scripts 1612” or something like that.