Forge Scripting Ideas for possible community maps

Some of my buddies and I are working on a game mode similar to Call of Duty Zombies on our Forge map. We aren’t talking AI zombies with waves, I’m talking all human player with COD influences from Zombies (ie. Pack-a-Punch and of the wall weapons). We want to put in our version of the Mystery Box (we need random weapon spawn scripting and free sizing) to finish it up. Not to mention our Pack-a-Punch is very rudimentary. You teleport to a small room where there’s the sniper, SPNKR, Saw, DMR, and CE Magnum for pick up. What we would also like to do is make it so the gun in your hand is then changed to something similar (Magnum to CE Magnum or Whispered Truth, Sniper to Arrow of Time, etc…) but again the problem is we don’t have the scripting for it. My idea for the scripting would be:
Condition: On Interaction
Action: change gun at nearest player
Sniper → End of the Line, Arrow of Time, Nornfang
Shotgun → Lawgiver, Blaze of Glory, Oathsworn

Im sorry to tell you there arent any req weapons (like Nornfang and The Answer) isnt in Arena, Forge or customg games and if you want script help i think the youtube channel Forgelab can help you

here’s a tutorial on creating a random weapon box

Unfortunately there’s no way to put req weapons in forge at the moment

Until they add REQ weapons to Forge, I can’t think of any better way to manage a pack-a-punch. Here’s to hoping that REQ weapon varients are in object properties for those guns. eg. Have a script that could change a railgun to a whiplash.

I know that is the case, I’m just talking suggestions right now. It’s stuff I would love to see put into forge and arena.

How about some pre-scripted doors for us. Like automated ones that are designed like covenant or human based.

I know there’s a video tutorial out there on hpqw. The script and style similar doors, but if you’re talking 343 giving us more doors and styles to work with other than human based, I agree. I’d like to see a High Charity Infection map.