Forge script moving a block removes collision.

i made a script that at spawn moves a primitive 4x4x2 block move and then quickly. Reset on a timer while its moving it has no collision. I just fall through it.

Invisible Blockers should maintain their collision while scripted. Try one of those. It’s how people make trains in Forge maps that can splatter people autonomously.

Oh ok thanks

Yeah that works but the invisible block disappears every time it resets but it reappears when it starts moving

Im trying to make a conveyor belt but im thinking how they have the timers working idk if i can just duplicate the objects and shortened the time and distance

I got it but idk if i want to share :frowning:

Don’t be greedy.

fine just move an object forward a small bit then reset it all in 0.10 timer for example
script 1 : condition -timer initial at 0 repeat 0.10- Action -move offset x, y, or z, amount then time to do it .10 local movement off or on depending if you want to use the xyz on the world or the block-
script 2: Condition -timer initial at 0.10 repeat 0.10- Action -reset position rest velocity on and time to rest 0-