forge scoring scripting

is it possible to script an item to be destroyed and score a point to the team who destroyed said item in forge?

As far as I know there isn’t, sadly. I kinda wish we could use scripting to do last shot mehanics like in warzone, or even trigger scoring mechanics in general (forgeball anyone?). Heck, I also kinda wish we could employ an actual scoreboard on maps too…In general I wish there were scripting options for actual scoring, there would surely be a lot that could be done with them.

It’s really tricky but can be done in certain situations. Usually need to involve scripted teleporters and team-based shields to separate teams. Checkout my Rocket League map for an example. Turf War by ChewyNutCluster is another example of using scripting to score.

Forgeball! I miss you :frowning:

hmm this sucks, i wanted to bring back Halo hockey and gold from Reach with the release of the gravity hammer
and i was gonna test my luck with making a miniature warzone kind of thing where teams have to destroy a power core to score points