Forge Same pieces new skin??

Was it just me or did the h4 forge seem like all the pieces were old ones from halo reach with new skins. I understand they did not show us all of them. However almost all I saw were old pieces…kinda sucks

Halo 4 Forge video

This video shows off some new pieces.

Fact of the matter is yes, 343i and Certain Affinity reskinned the Reach UI pieces and placed them in Halo 4, but they also added new pieces as well, so now we can still have all the familiar pieces we’ve become accustomed to, but also have new pieces that will feed your hunger for new pieces. Watch the video above! :smiley:

If you go into an unfamiliar place, the first thing your going to notice is the McDonald’s.

Same with Halo 4’s Forge. There’s dozens of brand spaken new Forge pieces, but the first thing you notice is “BR Tower” and “Library”.