Forge rotation axis busted

All my rotation axis are super busted! I straight up can’t rotate anything using the left trigger :frowning:

Me rotating something on my Xbox.

Me rotating something on someone else’s Xbox


If you take note of the rotation values, you can see that the axis is off by … 5° per 90° spun.

I can still rotate objects but I have to use the sub menu, which is the least convenient way to do so.

I can’t even really offer a solution because I have no idea how to fix this out side of a manual axis skewer, which seems like way too much work on your end :confused: I’m at a loss.

First, you rotate with Right trigger and move with Left trigger but I’m sure you know that since I can see you doing it haha! Hard to tell what’s wrong from the video, one thing I can see that may be the issue; you’re using camera rotation, which bases the axis on how you’re facing the object. This isn’t very useful in my opinion unless you’re fine tuning terrain. To change it back to world or object rotation hold both LT and RT and tap up on the dpad. Also note that the coordinates for position and rotation are not accurate if your snap is on. To get true coordinates snap must be off. Hope this helps.

Unfortunately it didn’t work :frowning: (and yeah the LT thing was a flub) but as I said, rotating by the numbers is the only way I’ve been able to do it but it’s super …inconvenient if I need to go back and spawn a similar block (cause if you open the x menu it resets the Y menu back to all categories). And if they made the axis rotate to your sight line (?) In rhe latest update then I haven’t heard any talk about it :confused: . If this is the case PLEASE let me know so I can see about getting that made into an option and not automatic.

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> To change it back to world or object rotation hold both LT and RT and tap up on the dpad.

Does WORLD placement now affect rotation if it isn’t on? Cause if that’s the case then I always leave it off (i hate only being able to move on one axis at a time). I’ll probably just turn it on when I need to rotate something from now on. And now, in hindsight, that seems like a really cool feature for people who are way into fine tuning. Seriously though, be a captain cool guy a corroborate with someone if this is true because I am currently unable to test this :confused:

Thanks for your help :v