Forge rewards, season points/xp

In Halo 5, forgers who got their maps featured and added to rotation recieved the Olive helmet. Whilst a great insentive I feel it isn’t enough.
Ducain23 recently uploaded a video detailing on how forgers could get rewards for spending the days creating a map. Basically it was for the first 30 downloads you get 1 Season point. I personally believe that is a great idea but also too little an amount for the work put in. As such I propose a similar form to this:

For Downloads: For 1st 5 downloads 1 point is earned, For the 1st 15 downloads Another point is earned, 30 downloads you get Another, 60 nets Another, ending at 100 downloads. In total 5 points gained.

For Likes/bookmarks (one or the other) : Every 50 - 100 likes gives 1 point.

There could also be monthly competitions that range from the ordinary 4v4 8v8 to the more wacky minigames which aren’t seen in action sack. So that every type of forger could get some special reward even if it doesn’t end up in a playlist or in rotation.

This is something that would need to be improved upon to work, be it from stopping abuse of it to working out how many points to give. Be by Creating a monthly points cap to a forger review system, to something else entirely.


I’m in constant admiration of the skill of the Forger’s out there. Hopefully Infinite will have some system to highlight and reward their work! I’m all for heaping the rewards upon them.