Hey guys, SkiD514 here with the and I’m here to ask you - “What do you want in Halo 4 Forge? Do you want adjustable terrain? Do you want Weather changing features? What do you want? This is gonna be a last minute chance for 343i to see what we want! So comment so they can see!”

I’d say the weather changer. I’d LOVE to have it rain during an Infection match, or have lightning strike an un-expecting player… hehe…

I have always wanted to terraform within forge. Nothing as complicated as say making mountains or water falls with active real world physics.

Maybe something more like raising or lowering the elevation of a plain. Or even just adding puddles.

I would also like to see weather changes, and making day night cycles or any where in between. Like holding the ambient light to something similar to moonlight or the “magic hour” at dusk.

Now that you said that, it would also be really cool to have like toward the end of an infection match, have like a flood rise or something.
(Flood as in water)

Everything from Far Cry 2 and more.

More flying vehicles please!!