Forge Request Thread

Well you saw the title.
I’m just gonna put my personal little suggestion list here :v

  • Static weapon props (for if you want decorative weapons and don’t want them to be picked up or turn weapon pickup off) - Active (pilot) and inactive (no pilot) vehicle props (again for decoration purposes) - Sandbag walls like in Reach - Vehicles with some kind of tarp over them maybe? - Pre-made buildings for people who aren’t good with Forge - The giant 6 wheeled car… thing… and dead tree next to the garage on Escape from A.R.C. - The dirty truck next to the armories on Skirmish at Darkstar - Street lamps? - Maybe individual pieces from a blown up vehicle? - Computer props - The hologram of The Pillar of Autumn (I think) on Truth - A weapon pad but for vehicles would be nice - DoorwaysAlright, that’s all I could think of. Put suggestions here.

Bridges and walkways from reach