Forge Remakes playlist?

Sorry if this has been said before but I think they should add a Forge Remakes playlist. I don’t think it’d be very hard to make. There are a lot of great Forge remakes of past maps. You can probably split this into a Forge Remakes TS for smaller maps like Lockout, Guardian, Narrows, Midship, and then Forge Remakes BTB for bigger maps like Waterworks, Zanzibar, Blood Gulch, and others. I like a few of the maps in 4. But I’m really into the smaller arena style maps. And I’d love to play the old ones again.

Once again, sorry if this has been said to death, Latess


I like this idea I’ve played the sanctuary remake and it feels good.

They need a forge maps playlist period.

Lockout remake on erosion is flawless. Best yet. I’ll support this idea 100%.